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Public API Key

This is a publishable key, which is used when "require token" setting on your account (below) is set to "false" by the ctv.js Javascript library to identify your account when creating new verifications

Private API Key

This is a secret key, which is used to manage your account, and mint tokens when "require token" setting on your account (below) is set to "true". These tokens are necessary for clients (using the ctv.js Javascript library) to create new verifications

Do not publish or share this key

Display Name

This is used in the subject of verification emails to identify the site the your customers are identifying for. For exaimple, Abe Froman, the sausage king of Chicago, might set this to "Froman Sausageworks, Ltd." and users would see this in their Inbox:

From: Froman Sausage Works, Ltd. <>
Subject: Click To Verify Your Email Address for Froman Sausage Works, Ltd.

Please verify your email address by following this link:

Webhook URL

ClickToVerify can call out to a webhook URL of your choosing when a customer clicks to verify a link in an email. Read more about webhooks in the documentation.

Require Token

This setting controls whether or not a verification token is required when creating a new verification. See the documentation for more details.