Build your business. Not your email verification system.

How It Works

  1. You integrate our small (1800 byte) Javascript library into your signup form.
  2. We send your customers a verification email, with a link for them to click on.
  3. Once they click the link, your signup process goes forward as usual.

Read more about the details in our documentation or sign up to see a demo (we "eat our own dogfood": our signup form uses the same process).


Tinkerer Tier

FREE forever

Up to 500 Verifications

Email Arrive From address

Emails contain Branding in Footer.

Hobbyist Tier


Up to 5,000 Verifications

Emails Arrive From address.

No footer branding.

Enterprise Tier

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Emails Arrive From domain of your choice

Emails contain your own custom branding.